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Merlin and Lahle

Merlin and Me

I fell madly in love with an old school horse named Merlin. This little grey horse could not have cared less about me in the beginning and thought biting me on the butt was funny. He became my project; I wooed him for months with patience and carrots. I eventually won his trust and affection and he became my forever horse in March 2012. Sadly, I lost him to Cushing’s related founder on September 8, 2012. Our time together was too short but Merlin remains with me in spirit. His love became the painful ending that started a new beginning for me.

Charlie Auction 09 01 2012

Charlie came into my life two days after Merlin’s passing helped me heal and has been such an inspiration to me to that I now focus on helping other horses in crisis.

Merlin taught me to trust humans again. He helped me heal the deep scars left over from a violent marriage. Charlie picked up where Merlin left off — horses, are magical healers if only you open your heart to them.

The Site With A Mission

100% of all profits from this site are donated directly to equine rescues.  To date, BuckIt List has donated to help rescue seven horses from auctions, contributed to the transportation of horses rescued horses to their new homes, emergency vet bills, and even bought a bunch of bales of hay to help hungry draft horses.

All expenses (website development, payment for articles, domain, hosting, marketing, etc.) for Buckit List are donated by LA Wolfe Web Marketing so really, this site has no overhead and lots of room to generate income to help horses.

Buckit List generates income from ad revenues.   Ad revenue is dependent upon a lot of things, but mostly by how many people visit this site.  So please, visit often, share links and spread our mission over social networks.

A Few Of The Folks Charlie Has Sent Money To Help Other Horses… Go Charlie!

Some of the organizations we have donated to already are:

Why do I do this?

On September 8, 2012, I lost my beloved horse, Merlin, to Cushing’s related founder.  It was fast, brutal, and tore my heart and world apart.  Merlin had only been in my life a short time but he had helped me heal and let go of painful memories and psychological scars resulting from years spent as a victim of an abusive ex-spouse.  I held Merlin’s head in my hands and as I let him go felt his last breath on my face as I gave him one final kiss. I thought I could never love another horse again, but only two days later a broken down rescue came into my life. He had been near starved to death, beaten, was covered in wounds, bites, and fungus, one of his hooves had split all the way to the top of his cornet. He was old, had a heart murmur, and someone had even carved initials with a knife into his hip.  I had not been able to help my beautiful Merlin, but maybe I could help this little guy.  I thought who better to understand what this gentle chestnut quarter horse had been through than someone who had lived a life of abuse as well.  So I adopted him, rehabilitated him, and he is now spending his retirement years with me.   I named him Charlie and he healed my heart all over again.

Charlie’s remarkable recovery and ability to learn to trust in people again inspired me to do all that I can to help other horses who end up at auctions.  Auction Horses Rescue, a grassroots group that saves  horses from California auctions used the power of Facebook to plead on Charlie’s behalf.  People saw his picture and donated enough money to buy him and saved him from the kill buyers that bought all but one of his stall mates dumped at this auction by a summer rental barn.  A few days later Charlie and I crossed paths and now he has a forever home and I have a forever friend.

It only took $125 to save Charlie’s life and it was comprised of $5.00 here and there donated by caring strangers.  Me and Charlie wanted to give something back and so I share his story and donate profits from telling his story to help other horses.  I think Merlin would be proud that his love carried on by healing me so I could reach out to others, like Charlie, I have learned, life can be tough at times. but if you can hang in there, well, sometimes, angels come to your rescue.  Sometimes those angels are little grey horses, sometimes they are people who use Facebook.

Do NOT send donations to this site.  Send donations to your own choice of equine rescue.  But please do browse the site, share it on social networks, and if you see something of interest, click an ad or buy a book through links on this site knowing that you will be helping save other horses.

Horses are absolutely magical, wonderful, and a gift to us at any age.  If you cannot own one, considering helping one.

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember, but did not get to enjoy them until I was in my fifties. If you, like me, are getting up there in age, let me assure you that horses do not care about your grey hair, age spots, or creaking knees — they will take you as you are.

I grew up watching Mr. Ed, read every Walter Farley and Marguerite Henry book in print, and memorized Little Black, A Pony, long before I could even read. I drew hundreds of pictures of horses, and made makeshift saddles and bridles for the kitchen chairs that became my imaginary horses. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I trotted the horse chairs across the wooden floor leaving permanent marks.

Despite being a horse obsessed little girl, I never got to ride real horses unless you count a few times in the summer in 1972 spent getting bucked off semi-feral farm ponies. No saddles, bridles, or sanity were involved.

By age 20, I had given up on the idea that I would ever learn to ride, much less have a horse of my own. Horses are for kids, right?


I never gave any consideration to taking up riding as an adult because I had too many responsibilities, was getting too old, was too out of shape, and was too full of excuses to live out a childhood dream.

But just before my 51st birthday that would all change thanks to my relentless 11-year-old daughter who burned with her own little girl horse fever, a supportive new husband who wanted me to heal, a trainer who laughed when I said I was too old to learn to ride, and, an old school horse named Merlin that won my heart the first time he bit me.

As an adult my heart still skips a beat whenever I see a horse. I still draw them, read about them, crave them, but I no longer ride chair horses. I do not have to. I have a real live horse now and he does not leave marks on the floor; he leaves beautiful marks scored across my happy heart.