About Our Mini Herd

Our family journey into the wonderful world of horses is probably fairly ordinary.  My young daughter, Lizzie, begged for lessons.  Eventually, I obliged her.  I wanted to ride, so I soon joined her.  My other daughter, Rachel, took a little longer to get “bitten” by the horse bug.  She admired them, loved them, but was terrified of their size and power.  She overcame her fears and began riding with us.

The best times of my life spent with my girls has been in the ring riding and discovering the majestic creature we call “horse.”

All three of us started out leasing horses, but one by one we found our forever horses, in my case, both my horses and I found each other.  My girls are younger, so longevity in a horse was an important factor.  For me, well, I am older, in my fifties, and I found myself attracted to older, less-loved horses.  I fell in love with a school horse, leased him, and eventually bought him.  His name was Merlin and he opened my heart and an entirely new world filled with love, wonder, and joy.  Merlin was only mine for a few short months before he passed away.  But he and I enjoyed life to its fullest in the time we had together.  I thought I could never find room in my heart for another horse after Merlin’s passing, but Merlin’s love remains and keeps me strong.  Now, I am working with my first rescue named Charlie.

I Like Them Old

I imagine, given my affinity to helping older horses I will own more horses in my life time than most casual riders.  Older horses may have less time, but they have so much to give and it is now my focus in life to help unwanted and unloved horses of all ages.

My Horses

  • Merlin – 1999 – 09.08.2012 – My first forever horse in Heaven now; I miss him every day.
  • Charlie – My first rescue and new forever horse.

My Daughters’ Horses