Merlin’s Profile

Merlin went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 8, 2012. I miss you Merly.

Merlin the Wonder Horse.

Merlin’s Profile

Name:  Merlin (aka “Whoa Dammit!”)

Show Name:  Whoop There It Is!

Nicknames: Whirlin’ Merlin, Mer-Mer, Merlie Man, Green Horse (I like to roll in stuff), Buck Wild, Mr. Awesome, and Merlin The Wonder Horse.

Breed:  Quarterhorse? Appendix?  (not sure – I never knew my dad.)

Occupation:  Teaching my new herd family how to ride and feed me carrots.

Lives In:  Calabasas, CA

Lives With:  My boyfriend, Troy.  He’s big, he’s beautiful and I stare at him constantly.

ISO:  Prefer a nice horse with good ground manners willing to share hay and carrots. Not much of an ass man, but leggy mules should reply.  Must have own transportation and at least two shoes.

About Me

My name is Merlin. To some people I may appear at first glance to be a small, flea-bitten, sway back, aging horse. Sure, I have parrot teeth – but at least I have my teeth.  And looks are deceiving.  Like any stallion (at heart) I am still a big kid and a great friend to my mom.  I have a heart big as all of outdoors, am very affectionate, smart, and have a playful sense of humor (try taking my lead rope from me and see what I mean.)

I love to jump but only get to do it a few days a week now and am supposed to keep it low.  Sometimes, I jump invisible jumps that are not there (like over trot poles.)  I try to over jump stuff whenever I can get away with it.  I mean, I am a horse and all, and horses just want to have fun.

I love to canter.  So much that sometimes I do not want to stop when asked to.   I am just running around pretending I am a race horse, having a good time.  I do not understand why Carrot Lady doesn’t get that.  When she starts in with that “collect collect collect” stuff I hear “blah blah blah.”

Tricks:  I am learning lots of tricks so that when Carrot Lady is too old to ride me (or vice versa) we can still do fun things together like take walks and play tag.  I am keeping her forever.

I like to play “horse in the middle” the equivalent of “money in the middle” going back and forth over trot polls to “tag” my people on either end.

Right now, I can pose, nod “yes” and “no” on command, stand patiently (when I want to), go left, right or back up or forward one step at a time when told to and do flying lead changes like nobody’s business.  I also excel at bolting before and after jumps.  I give kisses (I am learning hugs), bow my head with one leg out, and heel off-halter better than any dog on the planet.  But dogs are stupid anyhow.

Horses rule.  (You should get one.)



On September 8, 2012, Merlin passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Our time together was too short, but in the year I knew him my sweet little horse changed my life in ways so profound he will always remain a part of me.

One year to the day after his passing, I made a tribute video for him.  Merlin’s Tribute.

Most of the videos were taken when I was first learning to ride — what a mess I was!  I chose the early footage because it really shows how wonderful, kind and patient Merlin was.  I lost 50 lbs (I was far too big for the little guy), and my riding improved over the year he was in my life.  I also let my girls ride him to give him a “break” from me.  It was the least I could do for my friend.