Andrew, But You Can Call Me Andy

Andy officially became part of our family on October 17, 2012.

Andy, an awesome horse

Andy’s Profile

Name: Andy

Show Name: Andrew

Nickname: I call Rachel “mine”  Oh, wait. You meant nicknames for me.  Nancy Drew.  But please don’t tell anyone, it is a long story involving a trainer who has a weird sense of humor sometimes.

Breed: American Warmblood!  Yep. Made in America, you can check my brand.  While you are at it, check my bum out because I have a really nice round muscle butt.

Occupation: Looking at things — everything, especially things that are not there, but could be there…

Lives In: Calabasas, CA

Lives With: A bunch of other horses not nearly as cool and funny as I am.

ISO:  Carrots, apples, and anything edible including belt buckles.

Andy, an awesome horse

About Me

My name is Andy. I am 16 hands of clever energy.   I hear the words “super cute” a lot.  Must be another nickname of mine.

I love to jump and like Troy, go fast. Really fast.  Sometimes, I do not like to stop but I have never so much as kicked out or bucked.  I have huge ears and some people think I am part mule, but mules are stubborn — I am not.  I just think we should spend all day running around like colts.   No matter how hard I work I just cannot seem to break a sweat.  But I am still young, at 15 I can go go go all day….

Tricks: I have mastered pawing the ground when I want something, whinnying to get my girl’s attention, and smiling.  Oh, how I melt the ladies with my smile.  I am also very good at spinning around, posing for the camera (I really do not have any bad sides) and cuddling with Rachel, my BFF.

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