No Camel Toes Allowed – It’s Too Sexy (Nasty) For The Barn

Horseback Rider Underwear Etiquette

Camel Toe: What People Are Really Saying Behind Your Back

If you are not sure what a camel toe is, think reverse wedgie on a woman.  If your pants are outlining your lady parts, you are guilty of showing off a camel toe.  It is not pretty.  In fact, it is one of the few fashion sense things that across the globe is pretty much considered icky.

Now, there is a small group of folks who do not think a woman showing her labial smile is unattractive.  They think it is sexy.  Okay, if you really want to dress in a way to excite someone with a camel toe fetish I am no one to judge.  We all have a little kink in us. Right?  ummm … Right???

But there are Internet venues more suitable for that sort of thing, so let’s keep our barns G-rated for the sake of all concerned.  I mean, it is hard enough on fetish men as it is because we equestrian women already wear tight pants, spurs and carry whips.

I digress.

There really are only three (non-sexual) reactions to seeing a woman sporting a camel toe and none are favorable:

  • Oh…my…god (horror)
  • Gross (disgust)
  • Laughter (the joke is on you)

Causes Of Camel Toe

  • Pants that are too tight;
  • Pants that are too short in the rise;
  • Poor quality garment, especially if the fabric is too thin;
  • Poorly fitting underwear or not wearing any underwear.
Horseback Rider Underwear Etiquette

End Camel Toe Now!

The idea of camel toe is so horrifying to some women that savvy entrepreneurs have created products to help you.

  • Camel Ammo – This Camel Ammo is a nifty disc insert that fits into thongs and panties that have a pouch in front.  I have seen the kind with little slit openings for other purposes, but never ones with a purse for a disc.  Maybe I just need to get out more.  I could not find a specific link for the product, only lots of talk about it.
  • CamelFlage – Now you can wear those tight little yoga pants (and riding pants) thanks to CamelFlage’s insert sewn into their panties.  Lips be gone.
  • CamelNot – Designed by Braza, purports to do as its name implies.  New York magazine’s blog The Cut says “promises to hide your naughty bits behind a wall of Barbie-like smoothness.”
  • Cuchini – You have to love their search engine optimization and tag line:  “Got Camel Toe? Camel Toe may be hot …. if you’re a guy.”  (Umm, not to most men I know.)  They also sell “invisinips” which frankly, more women suffer the need for.
  • LuLuLemon – My favorite.  They even have a campaign ad to end camel toe.  And the models are pretty. “So the next time you adorn your lululemon crops, pants, or fitted shorts, maybe thank your gusset for keeping you comfortable and helping you say no to camel toe.”

Camel Toe Time Just For Fun

Anyone who knows me knows I am often accused of having an over-the-top sense of humor.  Apparently so do the makers of Camel Ammo.  Here is a link to their commercial.

  • Camel Ammo Commercial – 30 thousands cases of women suffer from VC (vaginal creases) were untreated in 2009 alone.  Be prepared to be highly offended or laugh.  I laughed.