Sore Crotch From Riding? Might Be Your Undies.

Horseback Rider Underwear Etiquette

If your crotch is sore, raw, or bruised after riding, or you are losing hair “down stairs” you could be suffering from underwear wardrobe malfunction.

In my article, Rider Underwear Etiquette,  I already rambled my treatise on why horseback riders should wear underwear.  The only exception being, perhaps, if you are a model in a photo shoot that  dictates “no undies” or Lady Godiva.  Shoot me, but I just believe women who ride should be properly attired, and that includes underwear.

Here are a few more specific reasons I feel this way:

It is a health issue.  Women sweat and they do sweat “down there.”  Cotton panties and panty liners are protectors and regulators.  They wick moisture away, prevent odors, and most important of all — help prevent yeast and bladder infections.

Underwear protects your pants.  Riding attire is expensive.  You can extend the life of your pants by wearing panties.

Underwear protects your lady parts.  All pants are considered “outer” garments.  They are not a substitute for underwear.  To be more durable, outer garment material is usually heavier and rougher than under garment material.  Underwear made of softer material protects the sensitive genitals from rubbing against the harsher materials.

For modesty’s sake.   Outer garment material, especially when made of lighter colors and fabrics, can become sheer when the lighting is just right or if the material gets wet. Underwear is a backup system to prevent others from seeing your private parts.  It also is helpful in preventing the dreaded “camel toe.”  Jeff Hamilton (Growingup Boys) offers this tidbit for men: “If the outer garment is thin or stretchy, underwear prevents our genitals from being outlined, especially when we have an erection.”

It helps prevent injuries.  Cotton underwear, when properly fitted, can help prevent pubic sores, “carpet” hair loss, and bruising.  Your groin was not intended to withstand constant friction of rough material combined with sweat and without protecting your genitals, you will feel like you are wearing them away.

What Kind Of Underwear To Wear

Material.  Cotton panties remain the staple of all comfy crotches, however, some people prefer silk. The most important part of your panties is the crotch — it should be cotton or have a cotton liner.  If your favorite pair doesn’t you can try added a thin everyday panty liner.

Fit.  Underwear that is too small or too large becomes part of the problem.  It will ride up your butt crack and won’t protect your most delicate parts.

For more tips on finding the right underwear for you, read, How To Chose The Right Underwear for Horseback Riding.

But mostly underwear has been used through the years to save on washing. Your body puts off sweat and oils constantly, especially under the arms and between your legs. The sweat and oils are absorbed by the clothing next to your skin. It stains the clothe and makes it smell, which requires frequently washing. In today’s standards, that would mean washing at least daily. Underwear serves as a buffer to the outer clothing so they aren’t stained and can be washed less frequently (because washing wears out clothing).  Jeff Hamilton, The Boys Growing Up In The Lord, “Why Do We Have To Wear Underwear?”