Charlie’s Rescue Angels

Lahle Wolfe with Charlie

The Kindness of Strangers And A Single Facebook Status Update Kept My Horse Out Of The Hands of Kill Buyers

If it were not for a Facebook page run by some amazing “invisible” do-gooders, Charlie would be dead.  They photographed him at an auction and put out a plea to help him.  Now, I suppose I could ask Auction Horse Rescue’s for permission to use their two photos of Charlie on my website, but I am not going to post them here because I want people to go to their Facebook page and see the amazing work they are doing.   And while you are there, please “like” and “share” their page.  Last I checked, they had about 4,000 “like” fans.  Me and Charlie are one — so join us by joining them and let’s get them more LIKES!

These are a few of the key people who made Charlie’s rescue and rehabilitation possible.  Thank you, to each and every one who played a part in getting him to safety, and in his rehab.

Auction Horses Rescue – For photographing him, and putting out a plea for help.

Facebookers – Who shared his post, and donated to raise the $125 it cost to bail him out.

Anonymous Good Samaritan Trainer – Special thanks to the woman who picked Charlie up, took him to safety and got him vet care.  I wish I knew your name because I would thank you to the moon and back.

West Coast Equine – For treating Charlie — and being so generous to horses in need.

Far West Farms – So many at the barn have helped me with Charlie.  I don’t even know where to begin, but three special people need to be mentioned.

Lisa Winn – The compassionate trainer who was willing to give Charlie a chance and brought him to Far West Farms to recover.

Kathy Boone, for seeing I was hurting and letting me name Charlie, be the first to trim his mane and hand walk him.  And later, for her support (along with Lisa Winn’s and Chris Cervantes’) when I asked if Charlie could be my forever horse and they said … yes!  (Please note, Far West did NOT sell Charlie, instead, I made a donation to cover all his initial vet costs so the rescuers could use their funds on other horses.)

Chris Cervantes – For always being honest with me about what I (a relatively newcomer to horse ownership) would be taking on if I took on Charlie’s care — but who supported me anyhow when I said I wanted this horse!  And, for his ongoing support in training Charlie and training me in how to rehab and ride my new horse.

Cassandra Karazissis, who let me ride her wonderful horse, Bear, during the many long months I was only able to handwalk Charlie so I could keep riding!  (She still lets me ride him!)

Raffa and Ramiro for lunging Charlie, and helping me with hand-walks.  Ramiro, was the first man Charlie began to trust!

Jeff Ehrlich – My husband for never thinking I was crazy and, in fact, who wanted Charlie as much as I did after he saw him the very first time.

Lizzie and Rachel – My daughters, for helping me groom him, walk him, and eventually ride him.  And also, my sons, Jon and Sam, who never complained when I practically moved into the barn and lived there for many long months, neglecting my kids so I could pay attention to a horse!  (Sam even walked Charlie a few times and ran so many errands for me I could not count them so I could spend more time with Charlie.)

Dr. Chris Smith, DVM – Who, I spoke to secretly (cat is out of the bag now, eh?) about wanting Charlie before I even asked our barn if I could have him.  He was honest, but genuinely supportive and gave me great advice and never tried to talk me out of taking on such a old, hard-case horse.  He also oversaw his medical care so Charlie could recover safely.