Charlie’s Profile

Charlie Pants, The Rescued Horse.

Charlie’s Profile

Name: Charlie (aka “Charlie Pants!”)

Show Name: Good Time Charlie

Nicknames: Charlie Pants, Charlie Boy, Charlie Bones (at least according to my person’s husband), pretty much anything with “Charlie” in front of it.

Age:  Early 20s, but with legs of a horse half my age

Breed: Quarterhorse / Warmblood Mix

Occupation: Learning to trust humans and helping my new mom remember that life is worth living everyday no matter how hard things get.  I am a rescued horse that is also rescuing my new mom.

Lives In: Calabasas, CA

Lives With:  Alone.

ISO: Having lived in a herd where the other horses kicked my ass, stole my food, and took huge chunks out of me, I have decided it is best to view them from afar, touch noses with my friends, but running wild and free is no longer the life for me because I am too sweet to stick up for myself.

Charlie Auction 09 01 2012About Me

My name is Charlie.  No one really knows my complete story but there is a lot about my life that can be seen in the scars I bear.  I have a sale lot brand on my leg, along with the letters “TX” carved into my leg with a knife.  Somehow I survived that and ended up in Southern California at a rental facility offering summer camp lessons for kids.  There, I almost died, and was sent to be auctioned.

I was rescued by kind people who placed me in a wonderful barn to help me get stronger.  It was there I met my mom.  She had just lost her best friend, Merlin, and was grieving terribly.  I needed a person to help me heal and she needed a horse to help her heal.

We just kind of found each other and bonded over our own personal crisis, but soon became inseparable.  Be sure to check out my progress of going from abused, neglected, scaredy pants horse, to a happy, healthy boy.

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