Equine Rescue Grants 2016 – EQUUS Foundation

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Grant Summary: Grants awarded nationally to United States 501(c)3 equine charities for various purposes including: program operations, specific projects, and capital expenses (total cost must be $5,000 or less).

Grant Amounts:  $500 to $5,000 but total grant may not exceed more than 5% of the organization’s annual operating budget.

General Requirements: Must be 501(c)3 for at least one full operating year prior to applying for a grant.  Must be a member of the Equine Welfare Network prior to January 31st and accepted as a “Messenger” on or before March 31st of the year in which you apply for a grant.  Grants offered throughout the United States.  This is one of the few places that seems to consider genuine needs that may not exactly fall within their funding priorities.

Brief Description

EQUUS is a great organization to apply for grants as well as to work with to increase grant funding through their Grant Enhancement Program.   This organization also offers many wonderful recognition programs including a humanitarian award (focused on equine humanitarian achievements) that is jointly sponsored by EQUUS and The United States Equestrian Federation.

Per their website: “The EQUUS Foundation, Inc., a federally tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, is dedicated to improving the quality of life of horses, enabling the therapeutic use of horses for those with special needs, fostering the horse-human bond, and educating the public on the horse’s unique ability to empower, teach and heal. Grants are awarded only to charitable organizations that are classified by the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) public charities, and in some instances, government agencies or entities. All organizations must meet all our eligibility requirements to apply for a grant.”

Note:  On or before January 31 for the year in which you will be applying for a grant you must be accepted into the Equine Welfare Network.

Deadlines for 2016 Grant Applications

What Deadlines for 2016
Must be a Member of the Equine Welfare Network Prior to January 31, 2016
Must be Accepted as a Messenger On or before March 31 of the year in which the grant is awarded.
Request for Application May 12, 2016
Online Applications Closed for Submission May 15, 2016

Because grants and their requirements and availability are subject to change, be sure to check the EQUUS website to ensure you have the most current information.  This information was last updated:  January 4, 2016.