Happy Halloween Edition: Horses In Poodle Costumes

People say they love horses, but then they go and dress us up as dogs?  Here are horses in poodle costumes for the enjoyment of your humans.  Certainly, us horses would prefer something a little more equine related, say, dressed in edible carrot costumes?

Happy Halloween…. Love, Charlie the Rescue Horse

Horse in Poodle Costume

Horse With Poodle Wig

Courtesy www.flatknees.com

Horse, Pink Poodle Costume

Courtesy www.horsecollaborative.com

Pony in Poodle Costume

Courtesy: braymere.blogspot.com

Poodle Costume for Horse

Photo by Michael Killingback/Anderson Valley Post

Horse with Blue Poodle Ears

Photo by Christina Wilsdon

Horse Costume, Pink Poodle

Photo by Christina Wilsdon