10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Horse Would Make

New Year's Resolutions for Horses


Piebald Horse10 Horse New Year’s Resolutions

If your horse could make a resolution for the new year what would it be?  Here are just a few possibilities that I think our own horses would come up with!

  1. I will eat healthier and double my daily ration of apples and carrots.
  2. I will become an easy-keeper and eat more cookies.
  3. I won’t be lazy and will eat more alfalfa and grain.
  4. I will not kick the feed room door in — I will learn to open it properly.
  5. I will not bite the kind hand that feeds me, from now on I only bite empty hands not feeding me and the farrier’s butt.
  6. I will use my time more wisely and tear out my slow feeder which wastes too much good eating time.
  7. I will not beg for treats.  From now on, no treats and I fake colic until you tempt me with treats.
  8. I will lose weight.  Ha! You lose weight first who’s riding who?
  9. I will not eat my blanket unless it tastes good next time.
  10. I will share my food with the less fortunate and drip mash all over my stall walls and door for the rats to enjoy.