Horses Are Our Best Friends

My own horse, Charlie, definitely brings out the best in me.  He is sweet, loving, forgiving, curious, and always greets me enthusiastically.

As a self-employed business woman, I have to work long, hard hours, seven days a week.  The last time I took time off from work was three years ago when I got married.  When I am logging in those long hours I often think about Charlie; how he smells, and his soft nickers.  Charlie is my screen saver.  Isn’t that a true test of someone you love?

He listens to just about anything I have to say, and never gives me grief when I show up late.

I think that one of the hallmarks of a great friendship is that feeling of being close even when you are apart.  I feel that way about Charlie.

Is your horse your best friend, too?

Horses Are Our Best Friends