Horses As Giraffes

People like to do weird things with their horses, like, say, body clip them to look like giraffes.  Next to poodles, people seem to really like making us look like giraffes.  Not sure why, giraffes have longer necks, blue tongues, and get eaten by lions.

No thanks — I much prefer being a pampered, retired old gelding.


Charlie the Rescued Gelding (note: NOT giraffe)

Clydesdale as a Giraffe

Clydestale Giraffe: Mustang Spirit Rescue a 501(c)3 non-profit organization assisting unwanted horses in the USA on a space / funds available basis.

Horsed painted like a giraffe


Horse Body Clip - Giraffe Print

A giraffe clip!


Horse or giraffe?