Meet Roxy, A 4-Year-Old Rescued Thoroughbred

Chris Cervantes and RoxyRoxy’s Rescue

Chris Cervantes, Respected Certified Horse Trainer Takes On A New Project Horse

When Chris Cervantes was a child he knew he wanted to ride and train two things:  killer whales and horses.  Well, he did grow up to realize one of those dreams, and today is a professional riding instructor and certified horse trainer.  Although not as dangerous as riding killer whales (horses generally do not drown and eat people) he is also an aspiring stunt double and freelance journalist (which comes with its own set of hazards!)

Living and working in Los Angeles, Cervantes has always loved starting horses from the ground up.  He has recently taken on a new project horse, Roxy, a rescued thoroughbred mare who is only four years old.  He wanted a horse that had little or no training — the kind of horse many trainers are not able or willing to invest their time or talent into working with.

Although many rescued horses have horrific stories that will pull at your heart strings or make you sick to your stomach, not all do.  Roxy is an example.  Her mother was a rescue, and together she and her mom were taken in by a rescue organization and both were given a second chance in life.  Her mom was adopted out, and Roxy kept waiting to be adopted.

Just as difficult as it can be to place old, sick or injured horses with the right new homes, it can also be challenging for rescue organizations to find great homes for young, healthy horses as well.  A horse that is not yet trained is one that cannot be ridden or perform a job, and good intentions just won’t cut it when it comes to taking a horse from a field to getting it to work well under saddle.

Why did a trainer who works in one of the top training barns on the West Coast among six-figure horses choose a skinning, unremarkable rescue as his next project?  In his own words:

My goal was to find a horse that had a great personality, and could one day be an excellent kid’s or beginning amateur horse. I wanted a horse that was naturally kind and would make someone else happy one day. I enjoy creating something from nothing and there is tremendous satisfaction in being able to watch that horse go off and make someone else happy. Giving that horse a job, and making them useful really assures their future as staying in a great home forever. Horses are big, expensive, and need a lot of space. Sadly, too many horses that are untrained and not useful end up in not so great situations.

Kudos to Chris for adopting a horse that, without proper training is harder to find a home for.  Read Roxy’s Story to learn more about Chris and Roxy The Thoroughbred.

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