Inspiring Stuntwoman and Expert Horseback Rider Born Without Legs

Barbara Adside was born with spina bifida and without lower legs. But what you may see upon meeting her has little to do with who she is. From her accomplishments and “can do” spirit it is easy to see her disability has not affected her love of life and belief that all things are possible. Her horse, a beautiful black thoroughbred appropriately named Pegasus, truly has given this remarkable woman her wings.

At 35, she has achieved success in an unlikely career — one the requires incredible strength, courage, athleticism, you would think, legs. Adisde is a stunt woman for film and television and has appeared in films and hit US television shows – from a creature in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Murder She Wrote.

Adside has been riding horses for twenty years and is now training six hours a day and hopes to participate in the London Paralympics. She removes her prosthesis legs before she mounts her horse and rides. Hoisting herself up with her incredible upper body strength, she grips with her upper legs securely holding her balance at the walk, trot, canter, and gallop. She can even perform “proper cowgirl” moves on her horse.

Adside lives in Lancaster, PA and you can Follow Barbara Adside On Facebook.

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