IEBA Applauds Horse Slaughter in US

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Buckit List Boos Back At The International Equine Business Association

The International Equine Business Association (IEBA) has officially applauded the approval of the first permit in the US for commercial horse slaughter.  Who is this equine group?  And why would they be doing cartwheels over the resumption of a horrific process that was originally banned in the US for good reason?

The IEBA is not a group of concerned horse folks at all; they are business folks concerned only with profiting from the death of horses.

To be clear, the mission statement of the IEBA (see their delightful press release below) is NOT to promote equine welfare, but the equine business industry — specifically, the business of profiting from equine sales and transports and use of horses as a commercial product.  They are not applauding a “humane” option (renewal of slaughter in the US) they are licking their lips with anticipation of increased profits from the commercialization of slaughter facilities.  Now it will be more profitable for Canadian businesses — we kill them in the US and ship the meat (cannot be consumed by humans in the US) to Canada.  This cuts out the cost of truck shipping to Canada for slaughter, increasing profit margins on meat sales.

Given their agenda, they have no right to comment on what is and is not humane.  This association only stands to profit when more horses are slaughtered.

From their website:

“The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada and the United Horsemen of the United States have partnered to form the International Equine Business Association.

The purpose of the Association is to mutually protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises.”

From Sue Wallis (WY State Rep) – promoter of horse abuse/cruelty, toxic horsemeat, and spreader of lies regarding horse abandonment, etc.

Dear ___________,

Below please find a press release in regards to the welcome news that the horse processing industry will once again be able to provide a humane option that provides value and a good use for horses otherwise at high risk of abandonment and abuse, as well as jobs and opportunity in hard hit rural and tribal communities.

Attached are information and answers to frequently asked questions that apply to the horse processing industry as a whole.

“The Promise of Cheval,” is a documented report that was previously released by IEBA. It is linked here, as well as attached below.

As the chairman and the U.S. representative on the International Equine Business Association I will make myself available to answer the questions from the press that will inevitably arise as the result of this renewed opportunity to improve the welfare of horses and horse people in the United States, and to point to accurate information instead of the misinformation and defamation campaigns of radical animal rights activist groups.

U.S. Chairman

International Equine Business Association

[email protected]




  • There is no part of horse slaughter or the transport of horses to slaughter that is right. It is cruel and inhumane and an abomination that should not be allowed anywhere, much less the United States of America!

  • Judy, I could not agree with you more. I am both sickened and outraged that slaughter houses may soon reopen in the US. I hope our collective voices will be better heard and this atrocity will not become a reality again in the states.

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