Lakeland Animal Nutrition Issues Voluntary Horse Feed Recall

URGENT PLEASE READ AND SHARE SHARE SHARE — Three horses have already died after eating contaminated feed.

Contaminated Lakeland Signature Status Pellet Horse Feed RecallsThis is a voluntary recall so there is no requirement for the manufacturer to attempt to notify individuals.

Consumers Should Contact:  863-682-4995

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 3, 2014 – LAKELAND, Fla. – Lakeland Animal Nutrition has been informed that certain horse feeds manufactured by the company in Lakeland, Florida and distributed within the state of Florida may contain monensin and lasalocid.

Serious injury or death can occur in horses consuming feeds containing monensin and/or lasalocid. Three horses reported to have consumed the feed being recalled died and other horses at the same equine facility had significant health reactions, the cause of which is still being determined. As such, please be advised that the following horse feeds are being voluntarily recalled:

  • Signature Status Pellet (Lot Number 14-251) – Manufacture Date: September 8
  • Signature Equilete Pellet (Lot Number 14-259) – Manufacture Date: September 16
  • Signature Status Pellet (Lot Number 14-280) – Manufacture Date: October 7
  • LAN 10 Pellet (Lot Number 14-281) – Manufacture Date: October 8

It is believed that all affected product has been isolated. However, if you are in possession of any of these affected products, please discontinue feeding immediately, contact your local Lakeland Animal Nutrition dealer or call 863-682-4995 and return the product(s) to your dealer for a full refund. The specific lot number can be found on the front center of the feed bag and on the feed tag.

For more information, please visit or call 863-682-4995 (Monday – Friday, 8 – 5 p.m.).