Please Vote For Ellie Mae, A Rescued Horse to win Cover Horse Contest

High Caliber Horses Rescue LogoPlease vote for Ellie Mae, the beautiful horse pictured below.  She was rescued by HiCaliber.  With enough votes, Ellie can enjoy being a cover mare and HiCaliber can win $1,000 to help them with the enormous costs of running their rescue.

The following post was written by HiCaliber.  I think it speaks highly of their work, their volunteers, and their need.  Please, support them.  If you are reading this too late to help them win the contest, it is still not too late to help them by volunteering, donating cash or needed supplies, or “liking” them on Facebook and sharing their future posts.

Chemo, Cancer and Courage.

HiCaliber Horse Rescue - Vote for Ellie MaeAs many of you know, Ellie Mae has a story several horses can tell: Bounced around, misunderstood, defeated and desperate for a bond – she’s the textbook version of a little horse lost in the shuffle of good intentions and broken promises.

Ellie was a depressed horse, she had her happy moments but for the most part we couldn’t get through to her. After months of diagnostics, meds and supplements, we learned she had a hind gut issues with chronic inflammation and infection, most likely from the stress and ulcers from her past.

After getting her physically healthy, we wanted her to be emotionally healthy and sought the help of a local family, the Armstrongs.

On previous posts, you’ve heard the tale of dedication – Robyn, Mike and Megan coming to HiCaliber daily to work with Ellie. Despite minimal recent horse experience, they were just what the doctor ordered. Ellie came around and blossomed into the bubble gum poppy teenager we know and love today.

What I didn’t tell you, is that Robyn is fighting cancer. This vibrant, amazing, sassy woman is in a battle everyday with her own body… and yet she smiles, laughs, jokes and works her ass off at the ranch.

She’s starting new treatments soon. She’s going to feel like shit, lose her hair and begin to look like stranger in the mirror. The battle will turn to a war and we will all be her troops, praying the treatment works.

I’ve been in denial for months about her diagnosis, but yesterday it hit me – she’s literally fighting to live. I grieve, mourn and process privately but I celebrate publicly.

So today I celebrate my volunteer, my friend, my family – Robyn Armstrong. Her strength, her smile, her dedication to a little grey horse. Her positivity, her crass, her banter, silly texts and endless laughs. I celebrate her sharing her family with us, becoming a part of ours and remaining loyal when it got rough. I celebrate her stubbornness, her fight and her ability to pick her battles. I celebrate her bravery to ride Ellie Mae yesterday, a 5 year old green thoroughbred, who fought and won her own war this year. I celebrate her confidence despite not being on a horse in over a decade.

I celebrate that you all believe in us. That you allow us the funding and patience to keep horses like Ellie for almost a year, because that’s what it took to get her healthy. I celebrate that we can give back to the community, people like Robyn, who was in turn rescued by Ellie Mae. I celebrate that Robyn was allowed to forget the battle that lies ahead, if only for 20 minutes while she tooted around the ranch on a little gray horse that she loves so much. I celebrate that her husband was here to see it, so that he too could be in the moment and not worry about tomorrow. I celebrate that this beautiful couple has a home away from home at HiCaliber, where they come to learn about horses, but also learn about themselves. I celebrate that they found a common love in Ellie Mae. I celebrate that they will have somewhere to go when they want to forget about chemo, puking and fatigue. I celebrate that we will be able to offer them escape, refuge and distraction from the aftershocks of cancer.

We are so proud of you, Robyn. We are grateful and blessed that you and Mike showed up at our open house, 2 hours late, in flip flops and uggs. We hit it off instantly, without knowing what lurked ahead. And while we may not ever know what awaits any of us when it comes to our health, we know that there is an incredible family we have built here at HiCaliber, willing to pick each other up when life gets us down.

I chose Ellie Mae to enter in the – private “face of the horse” contest because she is what so many horses are: broken beings who are able to heal, be healed and be loved by people who need them the most, like Robyn.

If you have a moment – I’d love for you to vote for Ellie. She truly is the fruit of Robyn’s labor. Ellie and Robyn both deserve this win.

To vote for Ellie, please visit:

You can vote daily.

About HiCaliber (from their Facebook “About” page)

HCHR is a 501(c)3; created by edgy horse advocates dedicated to rescuing horses through community and owner support, education, and shelter partnership.


HiCaliber Horse Rescue is California Registered Charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible placement of horses. We are also committed to supporting owners and the community through education, networking for affordable resources and the establishment of meaningful relationships with local shelters.

The organization was founded by Michelle Cochran, an Animal Control Officer, and is led by a skilled team of professionals. We are adamantly transparent, even while discussing issues that may be uncomfortable for some. Rescue work isn’t always rainbows and butterflies; tough choices have to be made and sometimes we have to pick the lesser of two evils. We believe in the “big picture” mentality and we will not jeopardize multiple horses to save one. It’s unfortunate, but we cannot save them all. We do our best to make smart and ethical decisions regarding our animal intake, care and placement.

Your input is of immeasurable value and we want to hear what you have to say, even if you may not agree with us. We look forward to the opportunity of growing with you as horse lovers and advocates. Our promise to you is that we will always be transparent. When you know better, you do better…and we want to do better.