Protequus LLC Announces Late-Stage Development of NIGHTWATCH™

Nightwatch HalterApril 20, 2015—Protequus LLC, an Austin-based biomedical engineering firm, is pleased to announce the late-stage development of NIGHTWATCH™ (, the first and only equine distress & wellness monitor (patent pending).

NIGHTWATCH™ is an innovative smart halter/collar designed to continuously analyze real-time data on a horse’s biometrics (ie, vital signs) and behaviors (ie, activities, motions, and posture), and send a wireless notification to a caretaker on their mobile device when abnormalities or novel events indicative of distress are detected. All technology is embedded within the soft leather crown of either a breakaway halter or safety collar making NIGHTWATCH™ safe and comfortable for round-the-clock use on horses in stalls, in pastures, and while in transit.

For the first time equine enthusiasts can rest easy knowing their horse is being monitored 24/7. Horse owners, caretakers, and veterinarians alike can gain meaningful insight anytime into a horse’s well-being, including that animal’s Equine Distress Index™ (EDI) score―an objective measure of relative distress, from the convenience of a smartphone or web dashboard. To maximize precision and benefit, proprietary algorithms are continuously being updated as each NIGHTWATCH™ halter/collar learns that horse’s unique biometric parameters and behavioral patterns.

NIGHTWATCH™ is among a new and growing class of IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled devices, which are devices embedded with electronics, software, and sensors that interoperate within the existing internet infrastructure. The enhanced ability for NIGHTWATCH™ to communicate over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks allows for maximum coverage within the United States, while GPS technology tracks and pinpoints the location.

Protequus is committed to making NIGHTWATCH™ available for preorder in the United States starting late 2015, and is aggressively working in collaboration with several strategic partners to deliver unprecedented results and value. Each partner is a recognized leader within their respective fields of veterinarian medicine & equine health, electrical engineering & artificial intelligence, and leather craftsmanship. These partners include Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (Lexington, KY), Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY), and Freedman’s (Toronto, Canada).


About Protequus

Protequus LLC ( is a premier biomedical engineering firm based in Austin, TX dedicated to equine health & safety. Founded in 2013 by Jeffrey R. Schab, a two-time World Champion equestrian and biomedical engineer, Protequus is comprised of advanced degree science and technology professionals who share a relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for horses. Their pursuit to find a solution to combat the devastating impact of equine colic has put Protequus on the fast-track for success.

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