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Silver Whinny Horse SoxAHP Newsgroup: Summer Whinnys®/Silver Whinnys™ :  A New Name Reflects an Important New Role in Equine Wound Care

Tallahassee,FL (April 22, 2015) “Who knew?” says Raymond Petterson, President of Sox For Horses, Inc. “When I envisioned a summer sock for horses, I focused on an effective fly barrier. I knew, if they were to be used during the heat of summer, they had to be cool on the legs. That was a given.  As I learned more about yarns and fibers, I was able to take that concept to even more practical applications, by choosing moisture-managing and silver-embedded fibers.”

His aim back then was complete value-added function in fly protection. Petterson’s “value-added” fiber choices resulted in Summer Whinnys® leaping to the fore in recognition as a rising star in bandaging options that maintain hygienic environments around legs useful for reducing dirt, debris and bio-burden near pre-existing wounds.

“Renaming them Silver Whinnys™ lets equine owners know these socks are not just for summer use,” he explains.

The proprietary yarn used by Sox For Horses, Inc. to make their socks is the result of his savvy functional fiber choices. “It has only taken a few years for these socks to land on the radar of the respected veterinarians specializing in Equine Pastern Dermatitis. This has brought Summer Whinnys® into a whole new area of recognition as wound and sore protection for EPD issues such as Scratches, Mud Fever and Dew Poisoning, and other wound and injury issues.”

Steve Soule, VMD, with Palm Beach Equine Medical Centers of Wellington, FL, has practiced on its A-circuit hunter/jumper shows for decades, has served as a Fédération Equestre Internationale and U.S. Equestrian Federation veterinarian and on USEF Veterinary and US Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Horse & Rider Advocates committees. He was presented with the 2009 USEF Marty Simensen Award for his unwavering commitment to the protection and welfare of horses, and uses Summer Whinnys on his clients’ horses.

“The cases I’ve used the Summer Whinnys on have been interference marks, grabs, boot rubs, summer sores and scratches,” Dr. Soule says. “With medication and the application of these socks, we’ve had unanimous success in alleviating these otherwise persistent problems.”

Award-winning veterinary dermatologist, research author and professor, Rosanna Marsella, DVM, of the University of Florida (Gainesville) College of Veterinary Medicine, noted the role of Summer Whinnys/Silver Whinnys™ in studies conducted by equine owners under strict study protocols while guest speaking at a veterinary conference directed to the subject of Animal Dermatitis.  Based on Dr. Marsella’s personal use of Summer Whinnys on a horse with a non-responding summer sore, she says, “This material has incredible potential for summer sores (habronemas) and non-healing wounds. It exceeded my expectations. I am delighted to say the least.”

Silver Whinnys™/Summer Whinnys impress more veterinarians each day.  Like Laureen Bartfield, DVM, who relies on them for her own horses, Black Tie and Ponkey: “Not only am I a vet, I am an owner. I have recommended these socks to owners who have horses that suffer from ailments including but not limited to arthritis, founder, skin sensitivities and fungal infections. My farrier is excited about the products since a happier horse is easier to shoe, not to mention how decreased stomping at flies saves a hoof from breaking up.

“These socks are extremely high quality. Once on, they stay up. I have left them on for several days at a time, and even with my horses going into a muddy pond, there are no sores or points of irritation. The socks dry quickly and they go through a washer and dryer coming out in the same shape as new.”

The first name in dependable, year-round equine leg protection for veterinarians and owners still belongs to Sox For Horses, Inc. “It doesn’t matter if you call them Summer Whinnys® or Silver Whinnys™,” grins Petterson, “as long as you know they are no longer only about summer fly protection.” New packaging is ready to roll out reflecting the new name and the socks’ expanded role.

“These socks belong year-round in every barn medical chest. Studies by veterinarians on horses suffering from hard-to-resolve leg issues have all led to one result: Sox For Horses, Inc. and its protective, antimicrobial equine socks deliver everything needed to protect legs during a healing process any time of the year.”

The mission of Sox For Horses, Inc is to help owners better help their equines, make a difference in the lives of people and animals by supporting equine and animal rescue organizations, secure and add jobs in American manufacturing. Sox For Horses, Inc. is proud to be an American Manufacturer. Both Silver Whinnys™/ Summer Whinnys® and their winter warmers line, Whinny Warmers®, are Made In America. Visit or call (850) 907-5724.

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