Massage Light Finds Successful Relaunch At Between Horses and Humans Event

Massage Light for Equine MassageMINDEN, Nev. — (July 9, 2015) – On Saturday June 27, 2015 Between Horses and Humans hosted a hands on demonstration at Maddi’s Friesan Ranch. A young group of 16 equine students got a special up close experience applying red light therapy to horses using Donnis Thran’s Massage Light and a proven 8 step healing approach. The students were divided into 4 teams, 4 students for each horse, with a leader, a card reader and two to watch they worked in rotation to give each student a turn. Donnis then used a BioScan to identify the areas needing treatment and how each horse had different needs. Starting with the first step of the “8 step” approach Donnis explained some of the muscles that are affected by that position and the role those muscles play in allowing the horse to move correctly and efficiently. Each student applied the Massage Lights to work on the horses going through all 8 steps treating all 4 horses. After the red light therapy session was complete Donnis re-scanned the horses to show the results the students had achieved using the Massage Lights, the group was amazed at the improvement!

Barbara Slade, President of Between Horses and Humans was heard to say, “Some of the main objectives of BHH are to educate our members in horse care, maintenance, and good horse handling skills. Today I felt that Donnis Thran fulfilled those goals as she explained the Massage Lights. At a pace that was neither too fast or too slow, the demonstration included information on how red light therapy works, how the Massage Light delivers it, as well as a simple 8 step approach to give the horse a wonderful cranial/sacral – muscle massage. The students gave their full attention to all that was being shown and worked well as a team helping each other apply everything they heard. Donnis was there every step of the way to explain one on one as needed too.”

¨I want to thank Between Horses and Humans for hosting this seminar, which gave a summer time learning opportunity to some of our local young equestrians. It was a fun way for them to learn something new and possibly inspire them to take the next steps to becoming our future horse trainers, body workers, and veterinarians.¨ said Donnis Thran, Master BioScan therapist and exclusive nationwide distributor of the Massage Light.

After a recent reorganization the product, previously known as Groom Light, was renamed Massage Light with a new website and business approach. Massage Light is all about giving horse owners an affordable, effective, and easy to use product. By applying the latest red light therapy coupled with massage, and using a simple 8 step process, Massage Light gives the horse a complete cranial/sacral muscle treatment.

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