How (and why) we Rate Equine Charities

Why do we rate equine charities?

Our goal is not to “rat” out and find fault, but merely to identify reputable charities who need your help.  We want you to volunteer, donate to, and act as ambassadors and networkers for the entire equine rescue community and sometimes it can be hard to know how to choose a charity to support.

The face of fundraising has changed dramatically with the rise of social media, allowing charities to interact with their donor base in new and exciting ways.  This has unfortunately led to the ability to condemn a charity rather easily.  When one charity suffers an attack from internet “trolls” all equine charities suffer reputation damage which can lead people to stop donating to any horse rescue.

We donate 100% of all profits from and so we also want to make sure the charity we donate to is legitimate.  All of the charities listed in our directory are organizations we have already donated to, or would feel comfortable donating to.

How do you rate a charity?

We rate equine charities using a variety of criteria including: truth in advertising on websites and in social media; stability of the organization (from public information sources); whether or not they charity is actively fundraising and maintaining their public face (i.e., updated website and social media); and verification of their tax status.

We do NOT factor in hearsay found anywhere on the Internet regarding the opinions of individuals.  However, if there is an unresolved criminal or civil action filed in the court system, verifiable sanctions, or any legal action being taken by a government agency (i.e., animal control) we will report and factor in that information.  Because individual opinions differ so widely, we feel it is best to be as objective as possible about an organization and not factor in unverified, or unsubstantiated accusations against any organization.

Do you get paid to list charities?

No.  Never.  Since we donate 100% of profits from this site to equine rescues it would not make any sense to take any money from them for any sort of advertising.

We receive no endorsement or compensation of any kind for reporting on any charity.  No charity was asked to, nor has offered any concession or payment to appear in our directory.

How to Update a Listing or Delete a Listing

If your charity appears on our list and you wish to have it removed, or edited, please contact us.

We will not instantly remove a charity from this list unless the request is from the organization itself.  Although your opinions and experiences about an individual organization are important to us, we must first verify any accusations made against a charity before removing a listing from our website.

How can we get our charity added?  Do you only list big charities and nonprofits?

Just email us and we will be happy to consider adding your organization to our website’s directory.  We do not factor in the size of an organization — some organizations, like the Donkey Sanctuary has over 2,000 animals under their care, are very large.  Other organizations may be much smaller and only have a few horses in their care at any given time.

Whether it is one horse or one hundred, we are more concerned about how the organization is run.  We respect any group that does not take in more than they can handle.  We would rather throw our support to a small organization that only has a few horses but takes care of them than a large organization with dozens of starving horses they cannot afford to feed.

Can I send you money to donate?

NO!  We do not ask for donations on behalf of any organization ever.  We will put out the call on behalf of organizations but all donations should be made DIRECTLY to the charity.

If you ever get a call or email or any other solicitation from “Buckit List” please report it immediately as we never, ever collect money for any charity.  The income we donate, we receive from advertisements on this website — not from money collected from our site visitors.

Who owns Buckit List?

This site is owned and managed by LAWolfe Marketing and exists to educate and connect people interested in equine issues and advocacy, and to generate ad income.  Because 100% of all profits from are donated directly to equine charities we also want to make sure the charities we donate to are legitimate.  All of the charities listed in our directory are organizations we have already donated to, or would feel comfortable donating to.

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