Who Should Buckit List Donate To Next?

Shit My Horse SaysI started this website in 2011 as a private journal to talk about my beloved first horse, Merlin.  Sadly, I lost him to aggressive founder in September 2012.  After a brief sabbatical from writing, I was inspired to again take up this website only with a different purpose in mind.  Two days after I lost my horse and swore I would never own another, I met Charlie.

Charlie is a rescue; a sweet gelding in his mid-twenties who had a body score of 1 when I adopted him.  He was covered in wounds, saddle sores, spur marks, and part of his neck was crushed after being beaten.  Loving him, helping him come back to life after being so horribly abused, brought my own heart back to life and my passion for “just Merlin” slowly expanded to become passion for all horses — especially those in crisis.

And so, Buckit List evolved from private journal into a horsie information, inspiring stories, and advocacy website.

As part of my giving back to equines, because horses have added so much to my life, I donate 100% of all profits (from ads and Amazon sales) on this website to equine charities.  You can read my mission and see the list of organizations this website has donated to here Who We Have Helped.

I would like to expand the list of organizations supported by this website and am asking you, my readers, to please do the following to help:

  • Shop Our Amazon Store (Don’t see something you like? Just click on any book link, go to Amazon and order other stuff and sales proceeds will still be donated!)
  • Tell other people about this website!  Bookmark, share, link to us.  The more people who visit Buckit List the more we can charge our advertisers — that’s more to donate to help our horse and pony friends.  (We also support donkeys, mules, minis, zebras — we are an equal equine opportunity donor!)
  • Don’t like us?  That’s cool.  Donate directly to your own favorite equine charity.  But please, do something, horses need us to advocate for them and that takes money.

Tell Us About Your Favorite Horse Charities!

And last, please comment on Facebook, via Twitter, or this website and tell us the name(s) of your favorite charities you want us to add to our list of those we donate to.  They do not have to be in the United States but do need to be able to take donations in U.S. dollars via PayPal.