Do you wear spurs? Why? What kind?

man grooming a horse

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If you wear spurs, love ’em or hate ’em, please share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Just remember, there are two sides to every story and everyone is entitle to their own opinions.  The more intelligently you offer your opinion, the more likely you are to pursued someone to see things your way.


  • Cruel. If you cannot ride a horse without them maybe you are on the wrong horse. Have never worn them and never will. Like a spikey choke color on a dog. Teach them to listen and you don’t need to leave spur marks all over their hide. Just saying….

  • Spurs are not the problem — there are horse-safe spurs (not talking about those with sharp, pointed edges.) The problem is idiots who use them wrong!

  • Let’s get real people. If you are leaving your horse with bloody spur marks you should not be riding that horse. So is the issue spurs or the people using them? A little of both I guess.

  • I used to be agin spurs but really sometimes they can help you communicate better. I mean if you are having to kick the crap out of your horse a small blunt spur might be all that is needed to end the kicking and get that pony listening.

  • They look harsh! I nevered used them before but my horse needs a heavy bit because he likes to grab the bit and run. I dont see a whole lot of difference.

  • Morgan Griffith

    (July 24, 2013 - 6:15 pm)

    Fulfilling my bucket list began riding at 56. My trainer had me start using dull spurs as I just wasn’t getting the horse to listen to me. But I started getting more confident and better at aids and feeling and anticipating the horse so am able to back away from spur use. That makes me feel better too. I know a horse plays rougher than what I could ever do but I just can’t feel that I am hurting a horse. Ya I’m a softie, guilty

  • Yes, I wear spurs. Blunted POW, absolutely no rowels. Unfortunately many people use spurs before trying other options, they should be a last resort. Also, too many do not know how to use them properly. They are an aid, not a torture device. Spurs are meant to persuade and therefore you poke rather than dig them in; meaning you use them only when you need them.
    I have a couple truly lazy horses. One horse was made pretty much dead to the leg before I bought her, she’s improved a lot – thanks to the careful and judicial use of spurs in combination with training.
    Don’t paint all riders who use spurs with the same brush. Not all of us are out there to ruin or hurt our horses.

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