Horsemeat – yes, no, maybe, or hell no!!!

Would you eat a horse?

What’s for dinner?

I am a vegetarian, so my answer would be simple, and without hesitation to ponder the pros and cons:  “nope.”  But my husband and kids do eat meat so I polled them.  Nope, none of them would purposely eat horse meat either.  (Although my teenage son did say he would for a million dollars.)  In our family, the “no horse meat” verdict was unanimous, and, in fact, we don’t even feed products containing horse meat to our three dogs.

I am, however, open-minded enough to realize my aversion to eating horse meat is a cultural thing and will not condemn people who do have equine on the menu (but I will shiver at the thought.)   My main objection is to the way animals are raised, treated, the often extremely cruel conditions under which they are made to travel to slaughter, and what they are subjected to before they are killed and how they die.  I may not be able to effectively argue away someone’s right to eat animal products, but I can make a damn strong case for the need for reform in how animals are treated before and during slaughter.

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  • Hell to the no! I would not eat my dog or cat — or even my fricking goldfish. Why the hell no would anyone want to eat a horse?

  • AlvinChipMonks5

    (June 2, 2013 - 10:54 am)

    People who say other people should not eat horses but eat beef are a bit hypocritical. As a vegetarian I don’t want the horses to suffer, but I also feel bad for cattle and chickens, etc. No animal deserves to suffer for the human appetite.


  • Why not? It’s meat!

  • Humans are meat by your definition. Maybe someone should string you up, gut you alive and eat your worthless carcess! Do you even have a clue what horses go through during the entire slaughter process?

    Could not even use your real name could you “Anonymous?”

  • Sure I would eat a horse because I love the idea of betraying a noble animal, giving it a horrible, undignified death, then eating drug tainted burgers. Not.

  • Hey Anonymous I bet you never even rode a horse before and probably because you weigh 300 lbs and would eat anything.

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