How do you feel about horse tripping as a “sport?”

Cowboy TraditionsHorse tripping is just what it sounds like.  Horses are made to gallop at break neck speeds reaching 25 to 30 mph and then tripped with ropes.


Because some people think it is a sport.  But it is not a sport.  The definition of “sport” is “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.”

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below — do you think horse tripping is a valid sport?  A charo tradition to be upheld?  Or, is it animal cruelty that should be outlawed?

From The ArticleHorse Tripping — Why it’s Animal Cruelty, Not a Sport


  • If it is a sport it is a blood sport.

  • Yeah, it is also a sport when people trip old ladies down the steps so they can have a good laugh. Oh, and it is also funny when 5 or more fat people try and climb on the backs of donkeys until the collapse or break their legs. Some people are just sick.

  • Wait. WTF? People take healthy horses, scare them and chase them around and then trip them? Again, I say WTF? Where is the sport in this? This “sport” has only one goal — tripping — with the same outcome for EVERY SINGLE HORSE — they are injured, destroyed, and either put down or sent to kill buyers. Let’s just bring back the days of gladiators.

  • I’d like to take the ropes they use to trip those horses and hang the people who do it to them. We can let the horses watch. Except, horses are better than humans — they don’t take pleasure in maiming and killing humans just for the hell of it. If they did, all riders would be killed.

  • Thank God it is illegal in some states. Why would anyone want to purposely do something knowing it will break a horse’s legs, neck or back? These horses have no hope. Makes me want to vomit all over the people who enjoy seeing this cruelty. Even if the horse is not injured the first time, they keep running it through until they cannot stand any longer.

  • Gee, takes a “real” man to terrify a horse until it cannot think straight, have two other men practically corner it and toss a rope arounds its legs causing it severe pain and trauma. Wow. I am so impressed.

    • The so called men who do this are not men. No more men than those who beat the shit out of their wives and kids. They are pussies, cowards and bullies.

  • I cannot believe the video. Just makes me utterly sick to my stomach. How can anything this cruel be legal?

  • Morgan Griffith

    (July 24, 2013 - 6:04 pm)

    It certainly is no sport and you certainly would not do this to ranch stock. Isn’t that what rodeo is supposed to be about? Any animal that I’ve heard about that has survived this long enough to get into rescue has pretty severe physical and emotional/trust issues. Bottom line-if I was ever anywhere and saw someone do this they’d be picking my scrawny fist outta their teeth.

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