How Much Do You Tip Your Groom?

man grooming a horse

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Assuming you are a good client, and you do tip your groom, how much and how often do you tip?  It will help others to know what your groom does and your basic geographic area.

Thanks for sharing your “tips” about tipping in barns!

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  • I give the guy who hands my daughter a pony each week $5 each time. I guess he must be the groom. I tip because I hope the “thanks” will help him go the extra mile to make sure everything is on just right for my daughter’s safety. Plus, he always makes jokes to try and relax her. Now I am thinking maybe I should offer him more???

  • $5 really is not a lot of money these days, but it could be equivalent to half an hour or more of pay for most grooms. I think the key is even if you do not or cannot afford to tip is to ALWAYS say thank you. My momma told me to be polite and show respect for everyone no matter if their job seems menial or not. And believe me, if you ever had to groom a horse you know it is not menial — it is hard work and does require some skills to do it right! I tip our groom $100 a month but he tacks up my horse for me three days a week. We are in Tennessee.

  • $50 at the end of the month. I don’t at the beginning because what it he leaves?

  • I do all my own grooming. I don’t have a groom. But people if you will tip your pizza driver why would you now tip your groom? Years ago when I did grooming for a summer it meant a lot to me when someone would slip me a few bucks now and then. It was not so much the money as the acknowledgement of my services!

  • My lessons are $35 I tip my trainer between 5 and fifteen dollars. May sound like a lot but Im just learning and sometimes my trainer holds my horse and trots with me. I figure if she is willing to do that to help me I should be showing it with some cash! My trainer is the one who tacks up the horse so I am glad I have been tipping her!

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