What’s the best thing your trainer ever taught you?

Our trainers have different styles, philosophies, and credentials and some stand out above the crowd.  What is the best lesson your trainer ever taught you?  It could be about life, horses, a riding technique, or even something about yourself.


  • Guest From Maryland

    (April 19, 2012 - 4:23 am)

    To stay calm and relaxed. Each horse is different but no matter who you ride, staying calm will help you gain the trust of any horse. If you brace yourself like something bad will happen, it probably will. Horses can sense when you are nervous so take a deep breath and relax your mind and your body.

    If you show respect to your horse, and remember that anything can happen but not be afraid of what could happen, you are better able to handle the unexpected without losing your cool. With horses, the unexpected does sometimes happens but it is more likely to happen if you are freaking out!

  • Virginia Horse Lover

    (April 19, 2012 - 12:10 pm)

    The best thing my trainer ever taught me is that it is never too late to start riding. When I showed up at the barn for the first time I was afraid no one would take me seriously. A good trainer sees a budding equestrian in anyone who wants to learn.

  • There are two kinds of riders: those who have already fallen off and those who will.

    If you have not fallen off or been bucked off, it is just a matter of time. Knowing that even the best of riders can have spills will keep you humble and staying focused!

  • The coolest thing my trainer taught me was that my horse knew words! I had no idea! I was having a hard time getting him to canter even when I thought I was setting him up properly. My trainer suggested as I give my cues to say, “canter!” I found out my horse also knew trot, backup, and halt. It was very cool because I had been riding him for about three months and never knew that about him.

  • Best tip I ever got for improving my riding — my trainer yelling at me “it ain’t the horse — it’s you!”

  • Simple. Get back on the horse (after being bucked off!)

  • My trainer gave me a cute bracelet after I was complaining how hard it was to ride without stirrups. It said only “the ground is harder.” I stop complaining after realizing my trainer was making me do so many hard things to help me stay on the horse!

  • Sit back, sit up, sit deep!!!

  • Never walk suddenly behind a horse, never put your hands in a strange horses mouth unless you want to lose a finger, and last, all horses buck. In other words, just because their cute to remember they are still horses and respect that.

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