Troy, aka “Ambassador”

Troy officially became part of our family on May 14, 2012.

Troy, an awesome horse

Troy’s Profile

Name: Troy

Show Name: Ambassador

Nickname: Chunky Muffin.

Breed: Oldenberg!  Like is there any other?

Occupation: Being the best friend in the world to Lizzie, my girl.

Lives In:  Calabasas, CA

Lives With: Everyone loves me but really I only have eyes for Lizzie, my girl.  Although, there was once this one horse, Lucy, she’s so fine I would share hay with her anytime.

ISO: Nothing. Life is good.

About Me

My name is Troy.  I am 17’2 hands — I am well aware of how big I am but gentle as they come.  My show career was very impressive but as sometimes happens, I suffered a serious leg injury.  My owners were kind and loving and went to great lengths to get me back in good health but my grand prix prospect jumping days were over.  After one more owner, another wonderful little girl, I ended up finding Lizzie who has promised she will be my forever person.   It is nice to know that when I retire she will take care of me in my old age.  Forever is a good thing.

I love to jump and go fast.  Really fast.  And I enjoy a little bucking now and again because I get so happy but I always try to take care of my girl.  Once, over a jump she landed on my neck.  She was sitting in front of the saddle and I was cantering away.  I did not fuss, I just kept going looking for the next fence.  I do not understand why Carrot Lady thought that was so funny.

Tricks:  I have mastered being adorable.  I may be big but am as cuddly as a kitten.  I can pose, give body-wrapping hugs, and smile.  I also know how to paw the ground on my left and right when my girl does it to tease me.  Cool thing about me, I do it for love.  Some horses (cough, Merlin) require carrots to perform.  I just like to please my girl.

I agree with Merlin, horses rule. (You should get one.)