How A Bit Works In A Horse’s Mouth

How bits work in a horse's mouthBits:  Mere Pressure Or True Pain?  You Decide.

Video By Horse Revolution

This video uses 3-d animation to show how a bit works in a horse’s mouth.  As you pull on the reins, different bits impact the mouth in different ways causing pressure on the jaw, teeth, tongue, poll, neck, tendons, and  muscles.  The video uses demonstrations with models and pressure gauges measuring the torque a bit can put on the mouth, even to the point of breaking a horse’s nose or jaw.

Using the wrong bit, or any bit improperly, causes pain and can lacerate soft mouth tissues as well as lead to deep cuts in the tongue.  While riders refer to bits as applying “pressure” as it if were painless, bits are anything but created to be painless.  They are created for the purpose of controlling large animals that give us sufficient power to convince them to listen.  The improper use of bits can break a horse’s nose or even jaw.  That’s a clear indication that bits can cause more than “painless pressure.”

The video also demonstrates the pain and damage misuse of a riding crop can cause.

There are no words, only visual aids used in this video, which allows you to draw your own conclusions.