Doc Mischler Leaves His Horses “Parked” In Alley Without Concern

Doc Mischler horsesDoc Mischler is living out his dream of riding cross country.  I cannot even begin to imagine the logistics of caring for one horse on the open road much less three, but Mischler has taken three horses on the road.

While traveling, he regularly leaves his horses “parked” in public places, a practice he claims, “San Francisco had no problem with.”  But apparently, Arizona does.

Mischler tied his three horses up in front of a bar and went out for the evening leaving them unsupervised.  When he returned, he then tied them to a chain-link fence in a Phoenix alley for the night.

I know, right?  The alley?

Mischler said he sees no wrong in this and apparently, neither does animal welfare on second thought.  Although the horses were initially picked up and sent to a local equine rescue, the owner was able to immediately claim them after being questioned by animal welfare.

Horses should not be tied and left unattended — especially in strange, public places.  With so many recent cases of horses being stolen never to be seen again, or tortured shot, knifed, dragged, burned, and doused with toxic chemicals (just a few recent headlines) how could any one think it was safe to leave three horses all tacked up unchaperoned.