Frozen Horse On Verge Of Death Makes Miraculous Recovery

Macy, Frozen Mare Rescued and RecoveredRescue Organization:  World Horse Rescue

This story is heartbreaking but a little graphic and hard to watch but it helps if you keep in mind that a happy ending is coming.

The video is about two mares with foals, starving and freezing to death that were rescued just in the nick of time.  One of the mares named Macy laid down in the mud and snow shivering uncontrollably and appeared to have given up.  The attending vet said she was so far gone she probably would not make it — but as if on cue, the mare did get up on her feet and she was whisked off to safety.

One of the reasons she was freezing was her starved condition; with no body fat to keep her warm in sub-zero temperatures. compounded by her need to feed her baby, she just did not have enough energy to keep her own body warm.  Her skin became thin, and she suffered open sores caused by the wintery weather.

Blanketing horses, offering them shelter from the elements, and ensuring they have adequate food and access to clean water (not ice filled buckets or troughs) can help you get your own horse through the winter.

Kudos to World Horse Welfare for saving four more equine lives.