Marc Murphy Celeb Chef Supports Horse Meat in US

Marc Murphy Says Horse Meat Is Better Than Beef

Food Network and celebrity chef, Marc Murphy, claims there is nothing wrong with eating horse meat and that people object purely as a matter of cultural differences.  He ate horse meat as a child, remembering it as being sweet and lean, and shows no concern over horse meat found in baby food.  Still, the chef and restaurant owner says he will not add it to his menus because he could not sell it to Americans.  Stating that people who want to eat horse meet should go to France.

I found this pro-horse meat video appalling as host, Erin Burnett, only highlights horse meat as being nutritionally superior to beef and never mentions the dangers of exposing consumers to horse meat contaminated with drugs, nor the horrors of the slaughter process.

Video Published July 18, 2013


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  • Honestly, I’m a horse lover and I could care less if people want to eat horses. If you want to personally not like the idea because you don’t want to eat them, that’s fine with me…but people who say it’s wrong to kill and eat horses simply because they don’t want to eat horses would be the equivalent of me pushing for a law to stop everyone from eating pigs because I think it is wrong to eat pigs. I think you can love an animal and still allow it to be useful as a food animal. I love goats as much as I love horses (maybe more) but I also love to eat goats. As for protesting that it is wrong because the horses are treated inhumanely and you are exposing people to drugs/chemicals in the meat…do you eat any meat at all? ALL meat from the slaughterhouse was treated inhumanely and loaded with drugs. Ever been to a feedlot or a broiler chicken house? Like it or not, the slaughter industry actually is good for the horse industry. When we did away with slaughtering, people who could no longer afford to keep a horse, and could not find a buyer (and often couldn’t afford the expense of euthanasia and disposal) were just turning horses loose, letting them starve to death, or even just shooting them, because auctions would no longer sell them, and there was no slaughter truck to put it on. Sure, you may say they never should have gotten the horse in the first place, but face it, we will never stop people like that from getting or breeding horses. At least there is a useful outlet for the horses instead of abuse or neglect. (Provided they can be transported and slaughtered in a reasonably acceptable way)

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