An OTTB Paints And Raises Money For Equine Rescue

Metro, the Rescued OTTB PaintingMetro Meteor is a retired race horse who was adopted by Ron Krajewski and his wife Wendy.  Ron, an artist, noticed his equine bobbed his head a lot and thought he might be able to teach him how to hold a paint brush and paint pictures.  Metro quickly mastered the art of painting and seems to thoroughly enjoy it.  What Metro doesn’t understand is that his own creations are not only helping other horses in crisis, but himself as well.

Unfortunately, Metro was diagnosed with a bone growth problem on both knees and was given approximately two years before the growth would become so severe he would be unable to walk.

According to, “Metro Meteor was a well-bred thoroughbred, foaled in 2003, who specialized in sprints on the turf. He competed at the top tracks, like Belmont and Saratoga, earning just short of $300,000 in purses. He was born with a knee condition, however, and he needed surgery twice to remove bone chips. Each time he came back a winner.  But his knees did him in, and he ended up losing cheap races at a minor-league track named Penn National. At last, the track vet wouldn’t let Metro Meteor back into the starting gate. Gelded, he couldn’t stand at stud, and, like a lot of broken-down thoroughbreds, Metro Meteor could have simply ended up as horse meat.”

Undaunted by the diagnosis which would mean a death sentence for Metro, Ron owner decided to spend as much time with his beloved friend as possible.  So instead of turning him out to pasture to simply wait for the inevitable, he taught Metro to paint.  Metro’s painting have become so popular they are now the best selling paintings in Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, PA.  The Krajewsk’s donate half (almpst $45,000 to date) to the proceeds from painting sales to the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.  The other half?  That goes to fund experimental treatments for Metro that have shown promising results.

Metro also has a line of decorative pillows, but his fame has not gone to his head and aside from painting and spending time with his adopters, Metro enjoys kicking back with oatmeal cookies and Twizzlers.