Welcome To Buckit List

Welcome to Buckit List

When life bucks you off, get up, get back on. Then laugh.

You ride, maybe you even own your own horse and board somewhere. You are the client. The client is always right. Right? Wrong. Clients pay for the privilege of enjoying a riding facility. If you do not own your own horse, you are also paying for the privilege of riding someone elses’ horse. Even though you may be paying good money to take lessons from a trainer, they do not work for you and neither does the office manager, staff, or grooms.

Equine News Articles

Horse Tripping, Why It’s Not A Sport

Horse tripping is just what it sounds like.  Horses are made to gallop at break neck speeds reaching 25 to 30 mph and then tripped with ropes.


Because some people think it is a sport.  But it is not a sport.  The definition of “sport” is “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.”

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To End Horse Slaughter You Have To Listen To The Other Side

Horse slaughter is a heated topic right up there with gun control and abortion because any decisions involved require putting value on a life.  But little is accomplished when people just shout out hostile, strong opinions based on emotion.

Education, understanding, and patience is required when trying to persuade someone to see things your way.  So rather than call people awful names if they support slaughter, try educating them, point them to valid data and statistics — not horrible pictures.  The images of slaughter houses are so horrific they tend to turn people away so they won’t take the time to listen to your message.   Continue reading →

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Why I Started Buckit List

I fell madly in love with an old school horse named Merlin. This little grey horse could not have cared less about me in the beginning and thought biting me on the butt was funny. He became my project; I wooed him for months with patience and carrots. I eventually won his trust and affection and he became my forever horse in March 2012. Sadly, I lost him to Cushing’s related founder on September 8, 2012. Our time together was too short but Merlin remains with me in spirit.

His love became the painful ending that started a new beginning for me.  I could not help my own horse, so now I spend much of my free time in the pursuit of helping other horses by offering pro bono marketing services, free website development for horse charities, cash donations, and, I even have adopted my own rescue.  If you can only help save one horse, you have made a big difference.

100% of all profits from this website are donated to horse charities.